Tips for keeping out of trouble this holiday season


With Christmas time coming up in less than two weeks time. Many families are packing up their homes for vacations and family events and spending more time away from home.

Whilst it is a joyous season it is also an opportunity for thieves as break in and theft rates increase across the country and being a warmer climate season we can see we are also prone to an increase of bush fires affecting homes and motor vehicles.

At Unique Insurance Solutions. We care about our people, we care about ALL people and have put together some quick tips and reminders to help keep you and your home out of trouble this holiday season

1. Keep your blinds and shutters down and a light on to trick thieves into believing someone could be home. If you are able to set a timer for your lights to go on and off this is ideal.

2. Let a neighbour know your holiday plans and ask if they can keep an eye over your home while you are away or better yet have someone house sit while you are away.

3. Ask a neighbour or your house sitter to collect your mail as an out of control mailbox is a give away sign that you are away.

4. Christmas Eve is a popular evening for car thefts, make sure you keep your car locked and keep shopping bags or valuables out of sight from thieves.

5. Make sure any online purchases are arranged to be delivered when you are home or as close as possible or better yet arrange for your neighbours to keep them safe for you to prevent theft of your packages.

6. Turn off the Christmas lights before going to bed and when you are leaving your home just in-case anything catches on fire while you are away.

7. Last but not least, while this is not theft related but it is season related and we are Dog lovers, a friendly reminder to keep your pets water bowls topped up with fresh water and get them out walking before the grounds are hot to prevent their little paws burning.

Austin and the team at Unique Insurance Solutions would like to Wish you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season and thank you for your support over the past year!