Business Interruption insurance can get you through a temporary disaster-related closing by supporting the cash flow and profits of your business, allowing you time to focus on rebuilding.

It only takes one major event beyond your control such as fire or an act of vandalism to interrupt your business.

Your business is your primary source of income and whilst property insurance covers the physical damage, the difference with Business Interruption insurance is that it protects a business owner's financial position following an insurable loss.

Man hanging up a "sorry we are closed" sign on the doorThe temporary closure of your business is likely to have a significant financial impact and Business Interruption protection allows you to continue to meet your financial obligations, such as paying utilities and staff, while your business is closed.

Also referred to as business income insurance, a standard Business Interruption policy can include expenses such as:

  • Rent or Loan repayments
  • Employee salary/wages
  • Supplier payments
  • Management of key customer accounts

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