Buying Travel Insurance can mean all the difference between a fantastic holiday and a dreadful ordeal. Protect yourself from financial risk and potential worry when booking your next trip with our flexible Travel policies.

Travel insurance is intended to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident, and other scenarios while travelling and can be for either international or domestic trips.

It can usually be arranged at the time of the booking of a trip to cover exactly the duration of that trip, or a “multi-trip” policy can cover an unlimited number of trips within a set time frame.

We have lower and higher medical-expense options; the higher ones are chiefly for countries that have high medical costs, such as the United States.

Our Travel Insurance policies typically cover:

  • Cancellation or rescheduling of your trip due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Lost, stolen or damaged luggage and replacement cost for travel documents.
  • Lost or stolen cash from you.
  • Hospital, medical and emergency dental expenses overseas.
  • Accommodation and transport expenses related to injury, sickness, collisions, etc.
  • The cost of returning home due to ill health of a relative or business partner in Australia.
  • Additional costs to get you to a special event if your journey is delayed and you would miss the event.
  • Rental Car Insurance excess if you are responsible for damage to, or theft, of a rental car.
  • Loss of Income, which is payable if you are unable to work due to an injury sustained during your trip.
  • Disability if you sustain an injury during your trip where you lose total sight or total loss of the use of a limb.
  • Accidental Death if due to an injury during your trip.

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