Our homes, belongings and even investments reflect who we are as people. And because of this, they’re as individual as we are. That’s why we offer a range of flexible Home and Contents Insurance policies to ensure you get the right cover for your individual needs.

We offer four types of home and contents insurance:

Classic Home & Contents Insurance

You’ll find it much easier to enjoy your home and personal possessions when you know they’re automatically covered for a broad range of events including floods, damage and more.

Platinum Home & Contents Insurance

If you’ve made a significant investment in your home and contents then you’ll expect the best insurance cover to keep an eye on things for you. If you have a home insured for $500,000 or more or contents insured for $120,000 or more, we recommend our Platinum Home Insurance.

55UP Home & Contents Insurance

If you’re 55 years and over, it’s time to enjoy your freedom. Fortunately, we’ve made this easier with our 55UP Home and Contents Insurance. You’ll receive a discount if you have a current Senior’s Card and we also give you the option to make monthly or annual payments.

Investor Home & Contents Insurance

Investor Home and Contents Insurance is designed to suit the type of investment property you own.

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